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There are 2 preferred methods for fitting your new number plates to your vehicle. We would always recommend the "Sticky Pads" method as it avoids drilling holes in your new plates and requires no tools or experience.

Fitting Your Number Plates Using The Sticky Pad Kit (Available in our shop)

If your old number plate is held on by screws – Remove the caps which cover the two screws on your existing number plate and unscrew the two screws. These are generally held on by a philips screw head.

If your old number plate is held on by STICKY PADS (ie- no visible screws can be seen) – Simply place your fingers under the corner of the number plate and gently start to pull, depending on how long the number plates have been on, you made need to pull quite hard.

DO NOT use a screwdriver etc as this could damage your car.

  1. Make sure that there are no old sticky pads still stuck on the vehicle. If there are, you need to remove them completely.
  2. Clean the vehicle where your number plate is going to sit. This will remove any dirt or grease which may prevent the sticky pads from giving a secure bond.
  3. Remove the backing sheets from the sticky pads. Evenly stick the sticky pads on to the back of the number plate. Depending on whether the vehicle surface is completely flat (usually the rear plate) or whether there is a slight bend on the plate (usually the front plate), then you may need to apply more sticky pads.
  4. Once all the sticky pads are stuck to the back of the number plates, then you need to remove the second backing sheet. Once this is done carefully stick your number plate in place on your vehicle.
  5. You need to make sure you apply plenty of pressure when you press the number plates onto the vehicle and try to hold the pressure on for at least 10 to 15 seconds.

PLEASE NOTE – That as soon as the sticky pads touch your vehicle they will start to bond, so you will only get one chance to get them aligned correctly, so take your time. If you do have to remove them and start again, then we suggest you use new sticky pads and the old ones will have lost a lot of stickiness by removing them.

Tip:  Try to put them on when it is mild and dry as they don’t like cold damp surfaces. Also Try and warm up the area if its cold with a hairdryer for 30–40 seconds.

Fitting Your Number Plates
Fitting Kit Screws

Fitting Your New Plates Using The Screw and Cap Kit (Available in our shop)

This SCREW FITTING KIT comprises of 4 Self Tapping Screws, 2 x Yellow Caps, 4 x Black Caps, 2 x White Caps.

To fit your number plates using screws we highly recommend using your existing number plates as a template. This will ensure the screw holes are in the same location on your new number plates.

  1. Place your new number plate facing down on a table or floor where you are drilling, and place your existing number plate on top of your new number plate also facing downwards.
  2. Square up the two number plates so they are positioned correctly on top of each other. Mark on the new number plate where the hole locations are on the existing number plates with a black marker pen.
  3. Remove your existing number plate and get ready to drill the marker locations on the new number plates.
  4. Once you have successfully drilled your new number plates you will be then be able to fix them to your vehicle. We recommend using our PZ2 Screwdriver Bit which are the correct fitment for the screws.

If you require more information please do not hesitate to ask and we will be happy to help you.

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All our number plates are DVLA approved and 100% road and MOT legal

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