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FITTING KIT (sticky pad method)


This kit is for people who do not want to drill their new number plates.

These sticky pads are manufactured specifically for attaching number plates and are super strong & durable.

Whenever possible, we always recommend that the double-sided stick pads are used. By using these there is no need to drill the plate and therefore no tools are required.

Firstly remove your old number plates, then take some time to make sure the bumper is clean and dry and ideally fit the plates during warm or mild weather. Simply apply the double-sided sticky pads to the rear of the plates (5 pads per number plate) then line up, remove the backing and stick to the vehicle. These pads are very very sticky so be careful to get the plate positioning right the first time.

Each kit consists of –

  • 5 Sticky Pads (Enough for 1 number plate)
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