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To get your number plate made you’ll need the right documents with you. You must provide proof of identity and entitlement to the registration mark quoted in order to get replacement number plates.

If you reserve your number plates online, they can’t be made until we have verified your documents.

One original document from each of the lists below is required for a legal number plate. Together, the documents must let us check your name, address and vehicle entitlement. We accept the following documents:

To buy your new replacement plates, you will need any of the following;

  • Driving licence
  • Bank or Building Society statement for the last six months
  • Current utility, telephone or Council Tax bill for the last six months
  • Passport
  • National ID card issued by the Government of a state or territory other than the UK
  • Debit or credit card issued by a bank or building society
  • Police warrant card
  • Armed forces identity card

For a legal replacement, you will need the following;

  • A Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)
  • The tear-off slip (V5C/2) from (V5C section 10)
  • A Certificate of entitlement to a mark (V750)
  • A Cherished Transfer Retention Certificate (V778)
  • A Vehicle Licence Renewal (V11)
  • A Temporary Registration Certificate (V379)
  • An Authorisation Certificate (V948) from DVLA Local Office with official DVLA stamp or a downloaded hard copy of the eV948.
  • A letter of authorisation from Fleet Operators (including a lease/hire company).

Please note: These are legal guidelines imposed by the DVLA, and sadly we can’t provide you with new or replacement registration plates without the correct documents!

Yes, providing you use our Number Plate Builder. We can also supply “Show Plates” but these should not to be fixed to any vehicle using UK roads. We can offer you up to date advice before you order.

To mis-space or mis-represent the digits on number plates is an offence under the Road Vehicles (Registration & Licensing) Regulations 1971. Enter your registration number as shown on your Tax Disc, Log Book (V5) or DVLA document V796. This applies to number plates only and not novelty/show plates.

They do, in tiny writing at the bottom of the plates.  The details are “PERFECT PLATES BL0 9FD BSAU 145d”. This is a legality as it means the police or authorities can check if they are genuine and your vehicle will pass the MOT check.

Yes, if you are a motor trader or will require plates in volume please make contact with us.

We can make “Show Plates” and “Custom Plates”. That said we will not make plates that are miss spaced or miss represented as a legitimate number plate. We can print “Novelty Plates” with any text you would like or any silhouette image. These can make great bedroom door signs etc. Please make contact with us for more options and design ideas.

Your right to cancel an order starts when you place your order and ends 14 days from the day you receive your goods.

There are some orders where you won’t have the right to cancel, these include items that are bespoke or personalised.

DVLA Approved Supplier

All our number plates are DVLA approved and 100% road and MOT legal

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