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What Is The Most Popular Reg Plate

Number plates can be secure for as little as £150 while rare and highly sought after designs can be valued in the hundreds of thousands. New research  has revealed that “BOSS” is the most popular term to have on a personalised plate with 28,427 motorists searching last year alone. Over a four year period, a staggering 80,256 drivers had enquired about a number plate including the word “BOSS”.

A previous survey from the DVLA revealed that just six percent of road users would buy a plate for their business.

However, the fresh analysis shows that more businessmen may now be searching for the designs as a way to stand out on the roads.

The research highlighted that “Boy” was the second most popular number plate design.

Over 10,000 road users searched for the simple phrase as car brands “BMW” and “Jag” recorded over 8,000 and 7,500 searches each to become the third and fourth most popular designs.

“Dad” was the fifth-highest with 7,129 searches over the past year while football fans took over the sixth spot.

Premier League champions Liverpool were popular among road users with over 5,600 searches for “LFC” designs.

James Bond abbreviation “007” was the ninth most popular design among road users with over 2,600 searches.

Other unique designs included “XXX” with over 2,000s searches and “KFC” with a total of 1,593 road users showing some interest.

In a shocking revelation, over 1,300 drivers had enquired about a coronavirus design number plate to mark the pandemic.

Newcastle was revealed as the most popular area in the UK for drivers searching for personalised designs.

Nottingham was the second most popular region for unique designs with over 4,900 searches per 100,000 vehicles.

Manchester residents were also found to embrace unique designs with almost 3,500 searches per 100,000 owners over the past four years. What is the most popular reg plate

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