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How much is the fine for having a dirty number plate?

Police are cracking down on drivers who have dirty or obstructed number plates on their cars.

Number plates are important, as they let the owner and the police know when and where the vehicle is registered.

Drivers with dirty number plates or ones that are hard to read may face a fine of up to £1,000.

You might get a on-the-spot £100 fine but unlucky drivers could get up to a grand.

The fine is to act as a deterrent and a reminder to drivers in the UK to check their number plates on a regular basis.

Neil Worth, GEM road safety officer told The Express: “Although there is no law against having a dirty car, the law is very clear when it comes to keeping your number plates clear; you risk a £1,000 fine if you allow it to become obscured.

“A number plate must be readable and not covered by dirt.

“This is to ensure a vehicle can be identified as and when required.

He added: “It makes sense to get into the habit of giving your number plate a regular wipe – every day when conditions require.”

There is also a chance having a dirty number plate could put you at greater risk of being victim to a crime.

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